What is another word for inquisition?

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Inquisition is a term that refers to an investigation or questioning. In the context of history, it often refers to a period in which religious authorities interrogated people suspected of heresy. However, there are a number of synonyms for this term that capture different shades of meaning. For example, scrutiny, inquiry, examination, probe, and investigation can all be used to describe the process of looking into something. Interrogation and cross-examination emphasize the questioning or interrogation aspect, while audit, review, and evaluation emphasize a more structured or systematic approach. Ultimately, the choice of synonym depends on the specific context and the intended connotations.

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How to use "Inquisition" in context?

Inquisition is an era of ruthless religious persecution in fifteenth century Europe. The term Inquisition is derived from the Latin word inquisitio, which means a formal inquiry into or examination of a matter. The Inquisition was a tribunal set up by the Catholic Church to investigate and prosecute alleged heresy. During the Inquisition, people were tortured and killed if they were found to be guilty of heresy. The Inquisition was one of the most brutal and terrifying periods in human history, with millions of people persecuted and killed.

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