What is another word for probing?

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Probing refers to the act of exploring or investigating something in a thorough and careful manner. There are several synonyms for the word probing, including examining, scrutinizing, studying, delving, and inspecting. These words all suggest a deep and detailed analysis of a subject or issue. Other synonyms for probing include questioning, interrogating, and cross-examining, all of which highlight the process of asking questions to gain information. In a more emotional context, probing can also be synonymous with intruding, prying, or being nosy. Regardless of the context, the meaning of probing is to investigate, explore and discover the truth.

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    Probing is defined as a thorough and investigative exploration or investigation. On the other hand, the antonyms for the word probing include words like superficial, cursory, shallow, surface-level, and uninvestigated. Superficial may refer to something that is not thorough, comprehensive, or detailed. Similarly, a cursory investigation may be insufficient, and not cover all aspects that concern the subject matter. Shallow refers to a situation where there is not enough depth, gravity, or profundity. Surface-level refers to the appearance only, and not the substantive matter. Lastly, something that is uninvestigated is not explored, and remains a mystery.

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    Usage examples for Probing

    "You look just the same," said Mrs. Maule, still smiling that probing, mysterious smile, "just as much a white and grey nun as you did before, Jane.
    "Jane Oglander"
    Marie Belloc Lowndes
    Curl glanced at him, and then quickly sent probing thoughts at Tensor's mind and body.
    "Fair and Warmer"
    E. G. von Wald
    Two of her captors held her while the third bent over her head, probing her ear with a sharp instrument.
    "The Instant of Now"
    Irving E. Cox, Jr.

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