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Inspect is a term which refers to the act of critically analysing something or someone in order to assess its current state, detecting any flaws or discrepancies that may be present. In order to accurately convey the same meaning as inspect, other synonyms can be used. One substitute is examine, which emphasizes the need for close scrutiny and careful observation. Another one is scrutinize, which implies a more intense and critical eye on the object or individual in question. Evaluate can also be a synonym of inspect, denoting a more quantitative and objective approach to analysing and assessing. Ultimately, when seeking to convey the act of inspecting or examining something or someone critically, these words can serve as apt alternatives.

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The word "inspect" is derived from the medieval Latin verb "inspectus," meaning "to view closely." It has been suggested that the word may be related to the Latin word "sprezzatura," meaning "a show of elegance or contempt." Today, "inspect" most commonly refers to the act of conducting a formal inspection of something, such as a construction site or a factory.

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