What is another word for ascertain?

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Ascertaining the truth is a vital part of many fields, and having a wide range of synonyms for the word "ascertain" can make communication easier. Some alternatives include confirming, verifying, determining, establishing, and discovering. These synonyms convey a sense of definitiveness and thoroughness, indicating that one is seeking to find the truth and uncover hidden details. Other synonymous phrases include uncovering, getting to the bottom of, and discerning. Whatever the preferred phrasing may be, having a variety of synonyms for "ascertain" can aid in effective communication and ensure that the truth is accurately conveyed.

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How to use "Ascertain" in context?

The verb "ascertain" means to determine, to clarify, or to ascertain the meaning of. When used in conjunction with a noun, "ascertain" means to investigate.

One way to ascertain the meaning of a sentence is to use context. Another way to ascertain the meaning of a sentence is to use dictionary definitions. Both of these methods can help you to understand the meaning of a sentence, but they cannot definitively solve a problem. Sometimes it is necessary to use another method to ascertain the meaning of a sentence.

One way to ascertain the meaning of a sentence is to use logic.

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