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The term "intersecting" is often used to describe two or more things that meet or cross at a common point. A synonym for this word could be "crossing," which suggests a point where two or more lines or objects intersect. Another synonymous term could be "overlapping," suggesting that the two things share some commonalities or parallels. Other synonyms for "intersecting" include "converging," indicating a point where multiple paths or items meet or fuse together, or "intersectant," meaning something that cuts across another object or line. Overall, these synonyms offer various ways to describe the meeting of multiple points or lines in different contexts and scenarios.

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    Intersecting is a term that describes the point at which two or more things meet or cross paths. When we talk about its antonyms, we are referring to words that are completely opposite in meaning. The opposite of intersecting could be diverging, disjointed, separate, or disconnected. Diverging indicates that two lines or paths are moving away from each other, in contrast to intersecting that suggests they are converging. Disjointed and separate mean that two entities are not connected or related in any manner. Disconnected refers to objects or events that are occurring independently of each other, with no intersection or overlap. In short, the antonyms of intersecting signify a lack of intersection or overlap between two or more entities.

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    In other words, when the sun or any other heavenly body is on your meridian, a line stretched due N and S, intersecting the N and S poles, will pass through your zenith and the center of the sun or other celestial body.
    "Lectures in Navigation"
    Ernest Gallaudet Draper
    It is the angle at the celestial pole between the meridian intersecting any given point and the meridian intersecting the center of the sun.
    "Lectures in Navigation"
    Ernest Gallaudet Draper
    He concludes that poetry and prose are not two entirely separate spheres, but intersecting and penetrating.
    "The Literature of Ecstasy"
    Albert Mordell

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