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Docking refers to the physical connection of two objects, usually a ship or spacecraft to a dock or space station respectively. However, there are several synonyms for this word that could be used in different contexts. Berthing is a term that is often used in the shipping industry to mean the same as docking. Mooring, tying up, and harboring are also appropriate synonyms. When referring to aircraft, the term "landing" could also be used. In the tech industry, the term "docking station" is often used to describe a device used to connect a mobile device to a larger computer or display, and synonyms could include coupling or linking.

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How to use "Docking" in context?

Docking is a process that connects a computer system or mobile device to a network. When you dock your system, you tell the computer what interfaces (or ports) it should use to connect to other devices.

Docking can be a simple procedure, as when you connect a laptop to an AC power adapter, or a desktop to a wireless Network. But it can also be more elaborate, as when you connect a portable system to a desktop or laptop using a docking station.

Docking stations come in all shapes and sizes and can be used with any computer or mobile device. They are a convenient way to maximize the functionality of your systems.

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