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The term "baffling" refers to something that is perplexing, confusing or mystifying. To describe such a situation or person, one may use various synonyms like enigmatic, unintelligible, confounding, and incomprehensible. The term 'puzzling' connotes a sense of a problem that requires solving, whereas 'mystifying' refers to a perplexing situation that defies explanation. 'Confusing' implies a state of uncertainty, whereas 'incomprehensible' suggests that the matter is difficult to understand. 'Elusive' relates to something that is difficult to capture or grasp. Overall, a range of synonyms like perplexing, mysterious, bewildering, obscure, and inscrutable can be used to describe something that is baffling.

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We all have those moments when we don't understand something. Maybe it's a complex math problem we can't seem to solve, or a new slang term someone threw our way. But for some people, these instances of bafflement can be more persistent and frustrating than others. These are known as baffling disorders, and they can cause serious cognitive and emotional problems. Here are seven of the most baffling disorders.

1. Bizarre delusions and hallucinations

Most people suffer from bizarre delusions and hallucinations only once or twice in their lives.

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