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The word "intersect" refers to the point where two or more lines, paths, or objects converge or cross each other. There are several synonyms for "intersect," including cross, meet, intersect, interlock, and intersect. These words all describe the concept of two or more things coming together or crossing each other. "Cross" implies that two or more things are moving in different directions, "meet" suggests two or more things coming from different directions to approach each other, "intersect" is a general term often used in geometry, "interlock" refers to two or more things fitting into each other, and "overlap" implies that two or more things are partially covering each other.

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One of the most commonly used words in the English language is "intersect." It is a noun that refers to the point at which two or more objects or lines meet. Webster's Dictionary defines "intersect" as: "1. To come into or enter into collision with; to meet or meet head on. 2. To border on; to approach nearly. 3. To share a common feature or characteristic. 4. To form an important part of; to be a principal part of. 5. To come into general use; to become current. 6. To coincide; to be in proportion.

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