What is another word for lamia?

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Lamia is a mythical creature from Greek mythology, typically depicted as a woman with the lower half of a serpent or a dragon. In literature, the term "lamia" has been used to refer to a demonic figure or a female vampire. However, there are several alternative words that can be used to describe this mythical creature. Some synonyms for the word "lamia" include serpent-woman, snake-lady, reptilian female, dragon lady, and ophidian temptress. These words offer a variety of descriptions for a creature with a serpent-like appearance, combining aspects of feminine allure and dangerous wildness. Whether referred to as a lamia or any of its synonyms, this creature remains a fascinating part of myth and legend.

How to use "Lamia" in context?

The lamia is a creature from Greek mythology that is half woman and half serpent. The Lamia is said to be able to hypnotize men with her eyes and make them her willing slaves. The lamia was known to have large wings that she could use to fly.

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