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The word "ghoul" typically refers to a creature or ghost in Arabic mythology that feeds on corpses. However, there are many other words that can be used to describe such a creature or person who is morbidly obsessed with death and the dead. Some synonyms for ghoul include vampire, zombie, necrophile, death-obsessed, and macabre. These words have similar connotations to ghoul, suggesting a fascination with death and a desire to consume or exploit that which has passed away. Whether used in literature, film, or art, these synonyms can help to create a dark and unsettling atmosphere that evokes a sense of terror and unease.

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    The ghoul is a character found in horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Representing the antithesis of the vampire, the ghoul is a revenant who subsists on human flesh. Typically, ghouls are undead beings who have retained some aspect of their human cognitive function, often allowing them to move about undetected by humans.

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