What is another word for incubus?

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[ ˈɪnkjuːbəs], [ ˈɪnkjuːbəs], [ ˈɪ_n_k_j_uː_b_ə_s]

The word "incubus" refers to a male demon that is believed to oppress and harm people while they are asleep. Some synonyms for this term include nightmare, fiend, demon, tormentor, and devil. Other similar words that could be used in place of "incubus" include succubus, phantasm, apparition, specter, and ghost. These terms all refer to supernatural entities that have some kind of negative influence on people, typically while they are sleeping or dreaming. When looking for alternative ways to express the concept of "incubus," there are many different words and phrases that can be used to convey a similar idea.

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How to use "Incubus" in context?

Invoking an incubus is considered one of the most terrifying things a person can do. These beings are demonic creatures that take on the form of a naked, muscular man with razor sharp claws and horns. They are known to haunt beautiful young women, entice them with sexual pleasures before brutally raping and torturing them. Incubi are also known to consume the victim's soul, leaving them comatose and corpse like.

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