What is another word for scullery?

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The term "scullery" typically refers to a small room or area of a house or estate used for washing dishes and other kitchen duties. There are several synonyms for the word "scullery", including pantry, wash-up room, scullion's quarters, kitchenette, and galley. These terms all refer to a small space within the larger kitchen area where dishes are washed and food is prepared. Other synonyms for "scullery" include laundry room, utility room, and dishwashing room. Regardless of the term used, sculleries are important areas in any kitchen or household, helping to maintain cleanliness and order in a busy and often chaotic environment.

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    How to use "Scullery" in context?

    When most people think of a kitchen, they imagine an open, airy space with gleaming ovens, ranges and cooking pots and pans.

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