What is another word for localism?

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Localism is the ideology that emphasizes the importance of the local community and encourages local control over the issues that impact society. Synonyms for localism include regionalism, provincialism, parochialism, and community-mindedness. Regionalism emphasizes the customs, traditions, and concerns of a specific geographic region. Provincialism is similar, referring to a narrow focus on the concerns of a particular province. Parochialism is a negative connotation of localism, indicating a narrow-mindedness or lack of openness to outside perspectives. Community-mindedness is a positive synonym, emphasizing the importance of working together within one's local community to effect positive change and make a difference.

How to use "Localism" in context?

Localism is the philosophy that advocates for self-reliant communities and the belief that local communities are better suited to solve local problems. Proponents of localism typically believe that larger, centralized institutions are ineffective and inefficient at solving problems.

Localism has been popular in the United States for years, particularly among conservatives and libertarians. The philosophy has seen a recent resurgence in popularity due to the influence of Breitbart News and other far-right outlets.

Proponents of localism often argue that small, local communities are more accountable and responsive to the needs of their residents.

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