What is another word for vernacular?

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Vernacular is a term that is often used to describe the language or dialect spoken by a particular group or community. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe this concept. One such synonym is "colloquial," which refers to language that is used in everyday conversation. Another is "jargon," which refers to specialized language used by a particular profession or group. "Slang" is a term that refers to the informal language that is often used by young people or other subcultures. "Dialect" is a related term that refers to a regional variety of a language, while "idiom" refers to a phrase or expression that has a specific meaning within a particular group or culture.

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    Vernacular means the language, dialect or style spoken by the people of a particular place or region. Its antonyms refer to languages or styles that are not commonly spoken by the people of a particular area. Formal, refined, cultured, learned or erudite are some of the antonyms for vernacular. These words have connotations of being sophisticated and educated rather than natural or everyday. Another antonym is regional language, which refers to languages that are spoken in a specific area or region, but are not the common vernacular. Other antonyms are international language, formal language, and non-native language, all of which refer to languages that are not the speaking language of a particular region.

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    Usage examples for Vernacular

    The typical vernacular French types are also very often on a slope.
    "Fine Books"
    Alfred W. Pollard
    The author who puts into the vernacular of his country a French romance may call it "my tale."
    "Early Theories of Translation"
    Flora Ross Amos
    A work like his own, he believes, can help the reader to a greater command of the vernacular.
    "Early Theories of Translation"
    Flora Ross Amos

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