What is another word for cockney?

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The word "Cockney" is often used to refer to someone from the East End of London, but it has other meanings as well. Some synonyms for the word may include "Londoner," "East Ender," or "working-class Londoner." Other terms that could be related to "Cockney" might include "pearly king or queen," "barrow boy," or "geezer." These terms typically reflect a certain cultural or historical context associated with the East End, such as the traditional dress and customs of the pearly kings and queens or the street markets that were once a common feature of the area.

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How to use "Cockney" in context?

"cockney" is a pejorative for a working-class person from the British capital, London. The term is often used to describe people from the East End of London and its surrounding areas, such as Bromley, Southwark and Lewisham. Originating from the working-class communities of the British capital, cockney is characterised by a working-class accent and dialect, as well as a proud and defiant attitude.

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