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Argot is a term used to describe a secret or specialized language used by a particular group of people. There are numerous synonyms for the word argot, including jargon, lingo, slang, cant, and vernacular. Jargon refers to the technical language used in a particular profession, while lingo describes the unique language of a particular group. Slang is a term used to describe casual and informal language, while cant refers to the language used by a particular social class or profession. Vernacular is a term used to describe the everyday language used by the people of a particular region. While these terms may have slight differences in meaning, they all refer to specialized forms of language used by specific groups.

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    The word "argot" is a term used to describe a specific language or jargon used by a particular group or community. Antonyms for this term would include words such as standard, universal, and common language. Instead of using specialized language, these antonyms refer to forms of communication that are more widely spoken and understood by most people. Other possible antonyms for "argot" might include words like mainstream, popular, or conventional, which all refer to the dominant forms of culture and communication in a given society. In contrast to argot, these terms suggest a sense of familiarity and accessibility to a wider audience.

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    Usage examples for Argot

    Accent and slang alone distinguish between them; the argot, however, is practically the same.
    "The Maids of Paradise"
    Robert W. (Robert William) Chambers
    There was, beside himself, an old Frenchman scolding over his late breakfast; two young artists with Van Dyke beards, who ordered the most remarkable things in the same French argot that the waiters spoke; and a young lady and a young gentleman at the table next to his own.
    "Gallegher and Other Stories"
    Richard Harding Davis
    Hondo, tapaderos, bad hombre, tecolote, bronco, maverick, side-winder-rapaciously he seized upon them as bits of the argot of fairyland.
    "The Desert Valley"
    Jackson Gregory

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