What is another word for patter?

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Patter is a word that refers to the rhythmic sound made by fast-talking, often in a monotonous way. Some synonyms of this word include prattle, babble, gabble, blabber, chatter, and rambling. These words all denote the act of speaking quickly and often without much substance or meaning. Other synonyms for patter include rattle, clatter, and drumming, which suggest a more rhythmic sound. Additionally, patter can also refer to the sound of footsteps or rain, and synonyms for this meaning include pitter-patter, tapping, and pitapat. Overall, there are many different words that can be used to describe the various connotations of patter.

Synonyms for Patter:

How to use "Patter" in context?

Patter is the minutia of conversation that makes it flow. Whether it's the way someone phrases a question, the way they touch someone else, or the way they say goodbye, patter is what makes the small moments between people so special. It's what helps us connect and build relationships. It's the invisible thread that binds us all together.

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