What is another word for misuse?

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Misuse is a verb that refers to the improper, wrongful or inappropriate use of something. There are several synonyms for misuse, such as abuse, maltreatment, mishandle, mistreat, pervert and exploit. For instance, the word abuse suggests the use of something in a derogatory or harmful manner. Meanwhile, maltreatment denotes the mistreatment or abuse of someone or something. Mishandle is the failure to manage or deal with something properly. Mistreat implies the mistreatment of someone or something. Pervert is the improper or corrupt use of something. Lastly, exploit suggests the unethical or improper use of something or someone for one's own benefit.

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    Most people would agree that misuse is when someone does something that is not meant to be done. This can be as simple as putting a Lego block in the toilet or as serious as hurting someone intentionally. misuse can also be something that is unintentional, but still affects someone or something. One common example of this is junk food. We all know that it's not healthy for us to eat a lot of junk food, but sometimes we end up eating it anyway because it's easy and taste good. We might call this misuse, but in reality it's just convenience.

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