What is another word for lynchpin?

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[ lˈɪnt͡ʃpɪn], [ lˈɪnt‍ʃpɪn], [ l_ˈɪ_n_tʃ_p_ɪ_n]

Lynchpin, a noun that refers to the essential factor or person that holds something together, has several synonyms that express a similar meaning. One of the synonyms for lynchpin is "keystone," which denotes the crucial aspect or element of a structure that supports and stabilizes the whole. Another synonym is "linchpin," which has the same spelling but different pronunciation. It refers to the pin used to secure a wheel to its axle and can be used figuratively to indicate the critical component that keeps something running. Alternatively, "cornerstone" refers to the fundamental basis or foundation of something, while "pillar" emphasizes the strong and influential support that holds an organization or system together.

How to use "Lynchpin" in context?

Lynchpin is an important term in the engineering and business worlds. A lynchpin is a critical element or indispensible part of a system or process, which enables it to function correctly.

In engineering, a lynchpin is a device, mechanism, or part that is essential to the assembly or function of a device and that cannot be replaced without causing significant disruptions to the device or the overall system. For example, the pin that fits into the gear tooth of a gear to enable it to rotate is a lynchpin.

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