What is another word for anchorperson?

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An anchorperson, also known as a news anchor or a news presenter, is a person who presents and delivers news updates on radio or television. There are various synonyms for the term "anchorperson", such as newsreader, newscaster, news announcer, and anchorman or anchorwoman. These titles are often used interchangeably, although some prefer to use gender-neutral terms like "news anchor" or "news presenter". Regardless of the title used, all of these professionals are responsible for bringing viewers or listeners up-to-date on the latest news events, while also conveying information in a clear, concise, and engaging way.

Synonyms for Anchorperson:

How to use "Anchorperson" in context?

An anchorperson is a person who is responsible for keeping a news program on track. Anchors are usually the most visible members of a news team, and their job is to provide viewers with up-to-date information and ensure that the broadcast is coherent. Anchors commonly use their personal stories to support news reports and keep viewers engaged.

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