What is another word for prickle?

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Prickle is a term used to describe a feeling of discomfort or pain caused by a sharp or pointed object. Some synonyms for the word prickle include tingle, sting, itch, tickle, and thorn. These words capture the various sensations associated with prickling, providing new dimensions to the experience. Tingle can describe a sensation that is felt as a result of excitement or anticipation. Sting refers to a sharp pain, often from a bee or insect bite. Itch describes a bothersome feeling on the skin, while tickle denotes a sensation of pleasure or discomfort. Thorn is a prickly plant, often causing pain when touched. These synonyms add depth to the original meaning of prickle by providing a broader context of experiences that can all be referred to using the word prickle.

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Usage examples for Prickle

"The next time I'm pricked," said Trix to herself firmly, "I'll seize hold of the prickle, and then perhaps we'll see where we are."
"Antony Gray,--Gardener"
Leslie Moore
It was a terribly big prickle, and showed itself perfectly distinctly.
"Antony Gray,--Gardener"
Leslie Moore
The latter are sometimes barbed with the same substance, or with the prickle of the sting-ray, or with stone or hardened gum, and sometimes simply pointed.
"A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson"
Watkin Tench

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