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Thorns are sharp, pointed structures that grow on a variety of plants, including roses, blackberries, and cacti. Synonyms for "thorn" include "prickle," which refers to a sharp point or spine; "thistle," which is a prickly plant with purple flowers; "spine," which is a pointed projection on a plant's stem or branch; and "barb," which is a sharp projection that can hook onto clothing or flesh. Other words that may be used in place of "thorn" include "splinter," "spicule," and "stinger." Whether you're talking about a rose bush, a cactus, or a bramble patch, these synonyms can help you describe the sharp and prickly nature of thorns.

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How to use "Thorn" in context?

Thorns are sharp, hard and pointy protrusions from the petals and sepals of some plants. They are made of keratin, the same material that makes up our hair and nails.

Many thorns protect the plant by killing predators that are trying to eat the plant's flowers or fruit. Others are used to catch prey.

There are a few different types of thorns. Poison thorns are covered with a toxin that will hurt or kill humans if they get stung. Some flowers, such as the narcissus, have toxic fruit that will also harm humans if ingested.

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  • Thorne.

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