What is another word for brace?

Pronunciation: [bɹˈe͡ɪs] (IPA)

The word "brace" has a variety of synonyms based on its intended usage. In the context of supporting or reinforcing something, synonyms include bolster, buttress, fortify, prop up, underpin and strengthen. As a verb meaning to prepare for something, synonyms include get ready, prepare, prime, steel oneself, fortify oneself and psyche oneself up. Other synonyms for the word brace, depending on the usage, include brace oneself, gird oneself, steady oneself, hold fast, clench, grip, embrace and hug. Knowing the available synonyms for the word brace allows writers to express themselves more effectively and communicate their intended meaning with precision.

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The word "brace" is often used to describe an object or action that supports and strengthens, but it has several antonyms. One antonym is "weaken", which implies a reduction in strength or support. Another antonym is "undermine", which suggests a gradual weakening of something through damage or instability. "Destabilize" is another antonym, signifying the introduction of instability or uncertainty. Conversely, "fortify" is an antonym which connotes the act of strengthening or reinforcing. "Stabilize" is another antonym, which implies the establishment of stability and balance. Overall, understanding the antonyms of "brace" can provide a better grasp of its meaning within a particular context.

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Usage examples for Brace

Delbier still clung to it, and so Leo brought both brace and drowning man to the surface together.
"Leo the Circus Boy"
Ralph Bonehill
Drink 'er down, and brace up.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower
You've got to brace up pretty sudden, or you'll be so far gone you can't climb back.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower

Famous quotes with Brace

  • ER was one of my favourites. I played a car accident victim who has leukemia. I got to wear a neck brace and nose tubes for the two days I worked.
    Dakota Fanning
  • Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duty, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Commonwealth and the Empire last for a thousand years, men will still say, This was their finest hour.
    Winston Churchill
  • Two greyhounds were called a brace, three a leash, but two spaniels or harriers were called a couple. We have also a mute of hounds for a number, a kenel of raches, a litter of whelps, and a cowardice of curs.
    Joseph Strutt
  • When you're up against a trouble, Meet it squarely, face to face; Lift your chin and set your shoulders, Plant your feet and take a brace. When it's vain to try to dodge it, Do the best that you can do; You may fail, but you may conquer, See it through!
    Edgar Guest
  • I'm reading a very quaint American book, , written, I'd suppose, by a sectarian minister, presumably of Methodist dye. (Norman Vincent Peale)..He's full of stories of prayers heard - and extols the power of prayer.."Before leaving for an important business conference I brace myself with texts like 'If God be for us, who can be against us?'...Then I stalk into the conference room, sure of my victory, and carry off the most marvellous deal.." This, in essence is the burden of the whole book. That's what people call Christian optimism. But it's wasted on us - we've been spoilt for this sort of thing...But isn't it rather self suggestion than authentic religious impulse? It doesn't seem to have dawned on him that suffering, disappointment, defeat or loss might also have some point too, or that God's designs could sometimes be hidden...
    Ida Friederike Görres

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