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The word "brace" has a variety of synonyms based on its intended usage. In the context of supporting or reinforcing something, synonyms include bolster, buttress, fortify, prop up, underpin and strengthen. As a verb meaning to prepare for something, synonyms include get ready, prepare, prime, steel oneself, fortify oneself and psyche oneself up. Other synonyms for the word brace, depending on the usage, include brace oneself, gird oneself, steady oneself, hold fast, clench, grip, embrace and hug. Knowing the available synonyms for the word brace allows writers to express themselves more effectively and communicate their intended meaning with precision.

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Bracelets are often interchangeable with bracelets, especially since they both have charms, unlike necklaces which have charms that dangle. Some charms, like a charm bracelet, are able to hold more charms whereas others, like a necklace, are able to hold more pendants. A bracelet is also versatile in that you can use it as an accessory to just about anything and it is easily interchangeable.

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