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Pronunciation: [klˈapbɔːd] (IPA)

Clapboard is a well-known term referring to the wooden boards used to build homes and other structures. However, other words can also refer to the same material, including shingle, siding, or weatherboard. These synonyms all describe the same type of wooden material used for construction and can be found in various architectural styles. Clapboard is often used to create a natural, rustic look, and its versatile nature allows it to be used in many different building designs. Whether you prefer the traditional look of clapboard or prefer the sleek look of shingles, there is a wide variety of synonyms available to suit your needs.

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Clapboard, also known as weatherboard, is a type of siding used in the construction of wooden buildings. The term is derived from the Dutch word "klapbord," which means "a board that claps." Clapboards are often associated with traditional American architecture, particularly in New England. However, when it comes to antonyms for clapboard, there are several options to choose from, including stucco, brick, and stone. While clapboard may be a popular choice for siding, it is by no means the only one. Each of these alternatives offers a unique look and feel, making them a great choice for homeowners looking for something different.

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Usage examples for Clapboard

So David finished the clapboard, and then he got up on his feet, and the foreman took him and lifted him down to the ground.
"The Doers"
William John Hopkins
And he painted a clapboard for that other painter, but a great drop of the paint got on the leg of his overalls.
"The Doers"
William John Hopkins
Do you suppose you could paint a clapboard?
"The Doers"
William John Hopkins

Famous quotes with Clapboard

  • In the photographs themselves there's a definite contrast between the figures and the location - I like that kind of California backyard look; clapboard houses, staircases outdoors.
    Helmut Newton

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