What is another word for mafioso?

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[ mˌafɪˈə͡ʊsə͡ʊ], [ mˌafɪˈə‍ʊsə‍ʊ], [ m_ˌa_f_ɪ__ˈəʊ_s_əʊ]

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    How to use "Mafioso" in context?

    The word "mafioso" is derived from the Italian word "mafioso" meaning "boss." The word has had negative connotations in the past, but today it commonly refers to a powerful and influential member of the Italian organized crime and underworld communities. Mafiosi are often considered experts in extortion, contract killing, smuggling, and racketeering.

    Although there is no one definition of what makes someone a mafia member, generally people who are considered mafiosi are exceptional organizers and leaders. They are masters of psychological manipulation, and are often able to keep their organizations secret from law enforcement.

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