What is another word for underworld?

Pronunciation: [ˈʌndəwˌɜːld] (IPA)

The underworld is a term that refers to the criminal underworld or the criminal activities that take place within it. Some synonyms for the underworld include the criminal underworld, the criminal world, the criminal network, the criminal underworld, the criminal element, and the dark side of society. The term underworld can also refer to the afterlife, and some synonyms for this usage include the afterlife, the Netherworld, the realm of the dead, and the land of the shades. Regardless of its meaning, the term underworld carries negative connotations and is often associated with danger, secrecy, and illegality.

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What are the opposite words for underworld?

The underworld refers to the hidden world of crime, darkness, and danger. To describe the opposite of this, we need to think of words that connote safety, light, and morality. Some antonyms for the underworld include heaven, paradise, utopia, and Shangri-la. These words bring to mind beauty, peace, and harmony, far from the shady dealings of the underworld. Another set of antonyms for the underworld includes the light, safety, and security associated with words such as safety, security, and sanctuary. These words are a complete contrast to the darkness and danger associated with the underworld. Choosing the right antonyms helps us frame a perspective that is free from negative connotations of the underworld.

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Usage examples for Underworld

Upon awakening and being told that he had been found handcuffed to a rat of the underworld, the policeman, already troubled by an evil conscience and wounded self-respect, would hardly invite the taunts and jeers of his fellow officers by going into exact details.
"The Gray Phantom's Return"
Herman Landon
From Thessaly's flat they set out upon many a strange excursion, one night visiting a private gaming-house whose patrons figured in the pages of Debrett, and, perhaps on the following evening, Thessaly's car would take them to a point in the West India Dock Road, from whence, roughly attired, they would plunge into the Asiatic underworld which lies hidden beneath the names of Three Colt Street and Pennyfields.
"The Orchard of Tears"
Sax Rohmer
The Three Worlds, constantly alluded to are Svarga, Mata and Patal,-Heaven, Earth and underworld.
"Vidyapati Bangiya Padabali Songs of the love of Radha and Krishna"
Vidyapati Thakura

Famous quotes with Underworld

  • I don't know anybody in the underworld. I make this stuff up. I don't know any criminals.
    James Ellroy
  • It takes all sorts of people to make the underworld.
    Don Marquis
  • For many years I had heard about an underworld consisting of people who act out a vampire fantasy while I was living in New York. Fortunately for me there are also several books on the phenomena.
    James Patterson
  • The vampire underworld is much larger than most people could imagine. It exists in all the cities mentioned in the book, but also in many, many more. Teenagers, especially, seem to like to act out vampire fantasies.
    James Patterson
  • He began to think about semblance, as Ansky had discussed it in his notebook, and he began to think about himself. He felt free, as he never had in his life, and although malnourished and weak, he also felt the strength to prolong as far as possible this impulse toward freedom, toward sovereignty. And yet the possibility that it was all nothing but semblance troubled him. Semblance was an occupying force of reality, he said to himself, even the most extreme, borderline reality. It lived in people's souls and their actions, in willpower and in pain, in the way memories and priorities were ordered. Semblance proliferated in the salons of the industrialists and in the underworld. It set the rules, it rebelled against its own rules...it set new rules.
    Roberto Bolaño

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