What is another word for roughneck?

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The word roughneck is often used to describe a person who is tough, rugged, or uncivilized. However, there are several other words that can be used to describe a person with similar qualities. For example, a brute is a person who is barbaric and lacks refinement. A thug is someone who is violent and aggressive. A ruffian is a person who is rough and tough, often associated with criminal activities. A rowdy is someone who is noisy and disorderly. These words are often used interchangeably with roughneck to describe someone who is tough and rugged, but each has its own nuanced connotations.

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    What are the opposite words for roughneck?

    The word "roughneck" is often used to describe someone who works in a physically demanding job that involves hard manual labor, often in the oil and gas industry. Several antonyms for "roughneck" can describe jobs that require less physical exertion and are more intellectual in nature. These antonyms include professions such as doctor, lawyer, accountant, technician, or engineer. Another antonym for "roughneck" could be "white-collar worker," which is generally used to describe someone who works in an office setting performing administrative or management tasks. These antonyms for "roughneck" highlight the contrast between labor-intensive and desk-bound jobs.

    Usage examples for Roughneck

    I meant well too; It was goin' to be bad enough to see a corn-fed young matron the size of Marjorie, who can spin the arrow well up to the hundred and eighty mark, monkey with them twisty evolutions; but to have her get let in for it with a roughneck ringer like Skeet-well, that was goin' to be a real tragedy.
    "Torchy, Private Sec."
    Sewell Ford
    I'm not saying anything against Captain Duff, but he was a roughneck, you know well enough, and I guess he hadn't much use for the Pilot.
    "The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land"
    Ralph Connor
    Humor on the roughneck element.
    "Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest"
    J. Frank Dobie

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