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Looking for synonyms of the word "torpedo"? Here are a few options to choose from when you want to use a different word to describe this weapon: - Projectile: This term refers to any object that is propelled through the air or another medium. A torpedo is a specific type of projectile. - Missile: A missile is a guided or unguided projectile that is propelled through the air or space. Like a torpedo, it is designed to hit a specific target. - Depth charge: This is a type of underwater explosive device that is used to attack submarines. It is similar to a torpedo in its function, but it is dropped from above rather than launched from a vessel. - Underwater bomb: This generic term could be used to describe a torpedo or any other type of explosive device that is designed to function underwater.

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Torpedoes are a type of missile that uses an explosive device to propel a metal or plastic projectile through the air towards a target. They were first developed in the 18th century, and were widely used during World War II. Torpedoes are deployed from submarines, aircraft, and ground vehicles. Torpedoes are now used in marine applications and other contexts such as Special Forces operations.

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