What is another word for manslaughter?

Pronunciation: [mˈanslɔːtə] (IPA)

Manslaughter is defined as the unlawful killing of another person. It is often used interchangeably with the term "homicide," although manslaughter typically denotes a lesser degree of intent or premeditation. Some synonyms for manslaughter include "culpable homicide," "negligent homicide," and "unlawful killing." In some jurisdictions, specific types of manslaughter may be distinguished, such as "voluntary manslaughter," which involves killing in the heat of passion, and "involuntary manslaughter," which occurs when death results from recklessness or criminal negligence. Additionally, some jurisdictions may further distinguish between degrees of manslaughter, such as first-degree and second-degree manslaughter, depending on the level of culpability involved.

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Usage examples for Manslaughter

The counselor paused for a moment, then continued composedly, that, as only justice should be done, he would recommend a verdict of guilty of manslaughter, with mitigating circumstances.
Berthold Auerbach
And, for one, Longstreet thought that he had seen manslaughter done; the man's look was of death.
"The Desert Valley"
Jackson Gregory
As he had previously obtained sufficient sleep-to compensate for his loss of that necessary restorative on the preceding night-he was now ready for anything-according to his own declaration "anything, from pitch and toss up to manslaughter!"
"The White Gauntlet"
Mayne Reid

Famous quotes with Manslaughter

  • In our fathers' time nothing was read but books of feigned chivalry, wherein a man by reading should be led to none other end, but only to manslaughter and bawdry.
    Roger Ascham
  • It is important that gang members are aware that if they engage in aggravated assault, maiming, kidnapping, or manslaughter that they will receiving a minimum sentence of 30 years.
    Albert Wynn

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