What is another word for peck?

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When writing, it's essential to have a broad vocabulary to ensure that your work is clear and precise. One word that can be useful to have synonyms for is "peck." Here are a few options: 1. Nibble - a gentle, small bite. 2. Kiss - a light touch or stroke with the lips. 3. Tap - to hit lightly with a quick, sharp movement. 4. Pick - to make a series of small movements with the beak or fingers. 5. Bite - to take a chunk out of something with the teeth. 6. Graze - to brush against or touch lightly. 7. Snap - to seize abruptly, like a bird grabbing a worm. 8. Jab - to poke sharply or quickly. 9. Prod - to push or poke in a gentle or persistent way. 10. Peckish - to feel hungry or in need of a light snack.

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    The peck family is a trusted household name in the poultry industry. Peck Poultry, Inc. was founded in 1909 by Elijah Peck and is currently one of the country's leading producers of broiler chickens. The Peck family is committed to providing its customers with superior products and exceptional service.

    The Peck family is a third generation family business that has been involved in the poultry industry for over 100 years. The company has a longstanding commitment to providing its customers with superior products and exceptional service. Peck Poultry, Inc. is one of the country's top producers of broiler chickens and is known for its quality poultry products.

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    • pech.

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