What is another word for flock?

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The word "flock" can be used to describe a group of animals or birds, particularly sheep, goats, and birds such as geese or chickens. However, there are several synonyms for this term that can help to add variety and color to your writing. "Herd" is often used to refer to a group of large grazing animals such as cattle. "Swarm" is used for a group of insects, such as bees or ants. "Pod" is a group of whales, "pack" of wolves, and "troop" of monkeys. "Gaggle" is particularly used for geese, while "clutch" is used for birds like hens or chickens. These synonyms can help to bring more life and variety to your writing.

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    A flock is a group of different species of birds that live, socialize, and hunt together. Flocks provide important biological and ecological services. They are a vital component of ecosystem health and stability, and can limit the populations of pest species. In addition, flocks provide humans with important sources of food and enjoyment.

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