What is another word for bourgeoisies?

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Bourgeoisies, also known as the middle class, can be described using various synonyms depending on the context of use. Some common synonyms include the well-heeled, the well-to-do, the prosperous, the affluent, the upper-middle-class, and the well-off. Other synonyms that come in handy when describing the bourgeoisies are the comfortable, the educated, the cultured, and the refined. Additionally, the term the moneyed class can be used to refer to this group of people who enjoy a high-level lifestyle with disposable incomes that enable them to access a wide range of amenities and luxury goods. Despite the many synonyms available, the word bourgeoisies remain a relevant term, especially in political analysis.

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What are the hypernyms for Bourgeoisies?

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What are the opposite words for bourgeoisies?

The term "bourgeoisies" refers to the middle class, including individuals who own property and have professional occupations. Antonyms for this word include "proletariat," referring to the working class, "peasantry," referring to rural, low-income farmers, and "underclass," referring to individuals living in poverty or experiencing social exclusion. Other antonyms may include "aristocracy," referring to the wealthiest and most powerful individuals in society, and "nobility," referring to those of high social rank and privilege. Understanding these antonyms can help provide a broader perspective on class and social dynamics in society.

What are the antonyms for Bourgeoisies?

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