What is another word for midwife?

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[ mˈɪdwa͡ɪf], [ mˈɪdwa‍ɪf], [ m_ˈɪ_d_w_aɪ_f]

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    Midwives are healthcare professionals who provide birth services, including prenatal care and delivery, to women throughout their pregnancies. Midwives are typically registered nurses who have completed an accredited birth attendant program. Midwives may work in a variety of settings, including birthing centers, doctor's offices, hospitals, or home births. Midwives are considered experts in managing women during childbirth and can provide careful attention to each individual's needs.

    The majority of midwives in the U.S. are certified by the American midwifery Association. The certification requirements are rigorous and include completion of an accredited course of study and a written exam.

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