What is another word for minion?

Pronunciation: [mˈɪnɪən] (IPA)

Minions are small and loyal followers who work diligently to perform tasks for their superiors. Some synonyms for minions include lackeys, henchmen, servants, underlings, attendants, disciples, acolytes, and adherents. These words all describe individuals who are subservient to a higher power or authority and carry out their commands without question. While the term "minion" typically has a negative connotation, implying blind obedience and lack of autonomy, some of the synonyms, such as disciples or adherents, may carry a more positive association, suggesting loyalty to a cause or belief system. Regardless of the specific term used, all of these synonyms imply a subordinate relationship between the follower and the leader.

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What are the opposite words for minion?

Minion, commonly associated with a small, subservient follower, has various antonyms. One of its significant antonyms is a leader, indicating someone who is in charge and influences others. Another antonym that is often used is a rebel or a nonconformist, someone who actively resists authority or the status quo. The term "independent" also serves as an antonym, suggesting someone who takes responsibility for their actions and does not rely on others to make decisions. Finally, a "maverick," a person who chooses their path and disregards conventional wisdom, can also be an antonym for "minion." These antonyms reflect a range of attitudes and behaviors that contrast with the submissive qualities often associated with "minions.

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Usage examples for Minion

His peremptory requests were generally preferred in writing, addressed "For the Lusty Knight, Sir Slosson Thompson, Office," and delivered by his grinning minion, the office factotum.
"Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions"
Slason Thompson
I have taken in a minion of the Church; I have allowed him to enter my cabin and break bread with me.
"If Any Man Sin"
H. A. Cody
"Cowardly as ye be, ye king's minion," said he, addressing the trembling messenger in a tone of scornful bitterness, "thear mout be cunnin' an' mischief in ye.
"The White Gauntlet"
Mayne Reid

Famous quotes with Minion

  • "Oh, to be a minion," muttered Giac to himself dreamily. "I was a -minion."
    Garth Nix

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