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Mills are machines used for grinding, crushing, or processing materials in various industries. Some common synonyms for mills include grinders, pulverizers, crushers, shredders, and comminutors. Grinders are used in food processing industries to grind coffee beans, meat, and spices. Pulverizers are used in the mining industry to crush ores and rocks. Crushers are used in construction industries to crush stones and rocks. Shredders are used in recycling industries to shred plastic, paper, and other materials. Comminutors are used in wastewater treatment plants to reduce the size of solids before they are discharged into the environment. These words all refer to machines that break down materials into smaller pieces.

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How to use "Mills" in context?

Mills are a type of water wheel that rotates to power a millstone to crush grain. The history and use of mills is varied and extensive. They continue to play an important role in modern society, both for food production and for production of other materials.

Although waterwheels are the oldest types of mills, there are also windmills, which use wind to power their millstones. Mills have been used to grind grains, turn linen into cloth, make paper, create flour and so on. The earliest mills were often built near a river or stream, where they could collect water wheel power.

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