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A millstone is a large stone that was traditionally used to grind grains into flour. When referred to figuratively, it means a heavy burden or a problem that is difficult to get rid of. There are several synonyms for the word millstone, including burden, weight, albatross, drag, encumbrance, liability, and problem. These words all describe something that is cumbersome and causing difficulty, and can be used interchangeably with millstone. The use of synonyms can enrich one's vocabulary and communication skills, allowing for greater understanding and clarity in expressing oneself. Therefore, it is essential to familiarize oneself with a wide range of synonyms for common words like millstone.

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The millstone is a heavy stone or metal weight used to grind corn, flour, or other grains in a mill. It was a common instrument in medieval Europe used to manage the labor of the miller and his apprentices. This Oliver Cromwell figurine is cast in pewter, one of a series of four British Commonwealth figurines depicting Cromwell made in the 1950s.

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