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Torpedoes are an underwater weapon that is used to detonate enemy ships. It is called by different names such as submarines, underwater mines, depth charges, etc., depending on its form and use. These devices are designed to strike enemy ships and submarines silently, disabling or destroying them. If the objective is to harm enemies quickly, there are many other synonyms for "torpedoes." They include bombs, missiles, rocket launchers, warheads, and explosives. They all serve the same purpose, but their impact on target and area damage differs. These terms describe the various mechanisms used to attack and cripple enemy vessels, making them a vital tool in any naval engagement.

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    Torpedoes have been part of world wars for centuries. They have been used primarily for naval warfare but have also been used in air warfare. Torpedoes date back to the 1700s. They were designed to be propelled by a rocket, and eventually became self-propelled. Torpedoes today are primarily used for naval warfare. They are fired from torpedoes launchers and are used to attack ships by hitting them in the water with explosive warheads. Torpedoes are also used for anti-submarine operations.

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