What is another word for settings?

Pronunciation: [sˈɛtɪŋz] (IPA)

The word "settings" can be replaced by several synonyms depending on the context. Some of these synonyms include "configuration," "arrangement," "establishment," "context," "environment," "scenario," "landscape," "surroundings," "outlook," and "scene." For instance, instead of using the word "settings" to describe the way a system is set up, "configuration" is a better alternative. In a literary context, "environment" would be a better replacement. In geography, "landscape" and "surroundings" provide good alternatives for "settings." In summary, the choice of synonym depends on the context and intended meaning.

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Usage examples for Settings

His architectural settings, too, tended to greater simplicity in his later years.
Beatrice Fortescue
Among the memorials of departed friendships we treasure the little book of 'songs,' entitled Simple settings in Verse for Six Portraits from Mr. Dickens' Gallery, Boston, 1855-his last present, as it was his last production.
"The History of the Medical Department of Transylvania University"
Robert Peter
It was necessary that he should work amid sympathetic colour-that he should appropriately set the stage for the play; and Fame having coming to him, not empty-handed but laden with gold, he made those settings opulent.
"The Orchard of Tears"
Sax Rohmer

Famous quotes with Settings

  • Child abuse and neglect offend the basic values of our state. We have a responsibility to provide safe settings for at-risk children and facilitate permanent placement for children who cannot return home.
    Matt Blunt
  • Most Americans have some experience with nursing homes or other long term care settings, and nearly half have had a family member or close friend in a home in the past three years.
    Michael Burgess
  • If you do two versions of a film, they should be identical. With the same frames and settings.
    Marcel Carne
  • Rule one: Write about settings you're familiar with.
    Jeffery Deaver
  • Every collaboration helps you grow. With Bowie, it's different every time. I know how to create settings, unusual aural environments. That inspires him. He's very quick.
    Brian Eno

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