What is another word for minatory?

Pronunciation: [mˈɪnətəɹˌi] (IPA)

Minatory is a word that is used to describe words or actions that are threatening or intimidating. There are several synonyms for the term 'minatory' which can be used to offer a different or more intense meaning. These synonyms include menacing, ominous, baleful, threatening, foreboding, and intimidating. Menacing is a term that implies a potential for danger or harm, while ominous suggests an impending threat. Baleful refers to a harmful intent or quality, while threatening is commonly used to suggest a direct threat. Foreboding is a term that suggests a sense of impending doom, while intimidating implies a sense of power or authority. All of these synonyms can be used to add depth and nuance to the original term 'minatory'.

What are the hypernyms for Minatory?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for minatory?

The word "minatory" is often used to describe something that is threatening or intimidating. However, there are many antonyms for this word, which provide a range of alternative meanings. Some common antonyms for "minatory" include comforting, reassuring, friendly, and welcoming. These words suggest a sense of safety and security rather than danger or menace. Other antonyms for "minatory" might include encouraging, inspiring, supportive, or uplifting. These words convey a sense of positivity and motivation rather than fear or intimidation. By using antonyms for "minatory," writers can convey a different tone and message in their writing.

Usage examples for Minatory

Hutchinson himself records that "this sudden dissolution struck more terror into the consignees than the most minatory resolves."
"The Siege of Boston"
Allen French
This communication was not of a minatory order; it expressed on the contrary the loose sociability which was the essence of the good gentleman's nature.
"The Reverberator"
Henry James
Harassed on the road between Zanzibar and Unyanyembe by minatory natives, who with bloody hands are ready to avenge the slightest affront, the Arabs have refrained from kidnapping between the Tanganika and the sea; but in Manyuema, where the natives are timid, irresolute, and divided into small weak tribes, they recover their audacity, and exercise their kidnapping propensities unchecked.
"How I Found Livingstone"
Sir Henry M. Stanley

Famous quotes with Minatory

  • He has now a second far greater success to gain: to seek out his real superiors, whom not the Tailor but the Almighty God has made superior to him, and see a little what he will do with these! Rebel against these also? Pass by with minatory eagle-glance, with calm-sniffing mockery, or even without any mockery or sniff, when these present themselves? The lion-hearted will never dream of such a thing. Forever far be it from him! His minatory eagle-glance will veil itself in softness of the dove: his lion- heart will become a lamb's; all is just indignation changed into just reverence, dissolved in blessed floods of noble humble love, how much heavenlier than any pride, nay, if you will, how much prouder!
    Thomas Carlyle

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