What is another word for baleful?

Pronunciation: [bˈe͡ɪlfə͡l] (IPA)

If you're seeking synonyms for the word "baleful," there are many different options to choose from. Some good examples of words that convey a similar meaning might include "malevolent," "sinister," "malicious," "evil," "wicked," or "venomous." Each of these words has its particular shade of meaning, but all generally describe things that are dangerous or harmful in some way and that would be best avoided. Whether you're trying to describe a feeling of unease, a person's intentions, or even a situation that's fraught with danger, using one of these words can help to conjure up just the right level of emotional resonance for your readers or listeners.

Synonyms for Baleful:

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What are the hypernyms for Baleful?

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What are the opposite words for baleful?

Baleful is a word that describes something that is dangerous, harmful, or evil. Its antonyms are words that mean the opposite. Some common antonyms for baleful are beneficial, harmless, and benevolent. Beneficial refers to something that is good for you, while harmless means it won't cause you any harm. Benevolent describes something that is kind or generous, making it vastly different from anything baleful. Other antonyms for baleful include optimistic, positive, happy, and life-giving. These words reflect an optimistic worldview, rather than a dark, ominous one. By using these antonyms, we can create a contrasting image to baleful, making our writing brighter and more hopeful.

Usage examples for Baleful

He began in Edwin Drood to draw a picture of Mrs. Crisparkle, the mother of the Canon, to show that the placid firmness of her strong will had a baleful influence on character.
"Dickens As an Educator"
James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes
But this lady, who was a Catholic and who, as lady of the bedchamber to the consort of James, was supposed to have exercised a baleful religious influence over her mistress, discreetly refused the offered dignity, which was passed on to the Countess of Dorset, whose husband was to fill the complimentary position of governor to the royal child.
"Henrietta Maria"
Henrietta Haynes
Through the remaining eye all the vile nature of the man found expression, and its baleful glare, when fixed full upon one, was simply appalling.
"The Wreckers of Sable Island"
J. Macdonald Oxley

Famous quotes with Baleful

  • Nature too remains, so far as we have yet come, ever a frightful Machine of Death: everywhere monstrous revolution, inexplicable vortices of movement; a kingdom of Devouring, of the maddest tyranny; a baleful Immense: the few light-points disclose but a so much the more appalling Night, and terrors of all sorts must palsy every observer.
  • The street-lamps burn amidst the baleful glooms, Amidst the soundless solitudes immense Of ranged mansions dark and still as tombs.
    James Thomson (B.V.)
  • Undue cultivation of the inward or Dynamical province leads to idle, visionary, impracticable courses, and, especially in rude eras, to Superstition and Fanaticism, with their long train of baleful and well-known evils. Undue cultivation of the outward, again, though less immediately prejudicial, and even for the time productive of many palpable benefits, must, in the long-run, by destroying Moral Force, which is the parent of all other Force, prove not less certainly, and perhaps still more hopelessly, pernicious. This, we take it, is the grand characteristic of our age. By our skill in Mechanism, it has come to pass, that in the management of external things we excel all other ages; while in whatever respects the pure moral nature, in true dignity of soul and character, we are perhaps inferior to most civilised ages.
    Thomas Carlyle
  • If a soul is born with divine intelligence, and has its lips touched with hallowed fire, in consecration for high enterprises under the sun, this young soul will find the question asked of him by England every hour and moment: "Canst thou turn thy human intelligence into the beaver sort, and make honest contrivance, and accumulation of capital by it? If so, do it; and avoid the vulpine kind, which I don't recommend. Honest triumphs in engineering and machinery await thee; scrip awaits thee, commercial successes, kingship in the counting-room, on the stock-exchange;—thou shalt be the envy of surrounding flunkies, and collect into a heap more gold than a dray-horse can draw.And, truly, good consequences follow out of it: who can be blind to them? Half of a most excellent and opulent result is realized to us in this way; baleful only when it sets up (as too often now) for being the whole result.
    Thomas Carlyle
  • The more I write the less substance do I see in my work, … It is tolerably awful. And I face it, I face it but the fright is growing on me. My fortitude is shaken by the view of the monster. It does not move; its eyes are baleful; it is as still as death itself — and it will devour me. Its stare has eaten into my soul already deep, deep.
    Joseph Conrad

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