What is another word for ominous?

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[ ˈɒmɪnəs], [ ˈɒmɪnəs], [ ˈɒ_m_ɪ_n_ə_s]

Related words: foreboding, menacing, menacingly, dark, foreshadowing, portentous, ominous feelings, ominously, dark and foreboding, ominous feeling, ominous meaning, ominous warning

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    Synonyms for Ominous:

    How to use "Ominous" in context?

    There is a word that people often use to describe situations that make them feel uneasy, or scared. ominous is defined as premonitory or portending danger or evil. The words ominous and ominousness are both derived from the Latin word ominus, which means "threatening or frightening." It can be used to describe anything that makes someone feel uneasy, such as an ominous looking cloud, a strange noise, or an ominous letter.

    Someone might use the word ominous to describe a situation because they're feeling scared or nervous.

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