What is another word for portentous?

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[ pɔːtˈɛntəs], [ pɔːtˈɛntəs], [ p_ɔː_t_ˈɛ_n_t_ə_s]

Portentous is an adjective that is used to describe something that is significant or indicative of something important or ominous. Synonyms for this word include meaningful, significant, foreboding, ominous, threatening, prophetic, fateful, consequential, and momentous. In addition to these words, other synonyms for portentous can also include impressive, grandiose, pompous, and pretentious. The choice of synonym will depend on the particular context in which the word is used, and the intended meanings conveyed by the writer or speaker. Different connotations may be attached to each of these words, and thus careful consideration is essential to ensure the accurate and appropriate use of the word.

Synonyms for Portentous:

How to use "Portentous" in context?

When we think of "portentous," our minds might instantly jump to images of ominous events looming ahead. But what is really meant by the word "portentous"? According to Merriam-Webster, a "portentous event is one that portends a future bad thing, especially one that is seen as omen-like." So, while a portentous event might make us wary, it need not always be negative. For example, a phenomenally hot summer day can be seen as a sign of impending doom by some, but to others it could simply be a warning to take precautions against heat exhaustion.

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