What is another word for more precautious?

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[ mˈɔː pɹɪkˈɔːʃəs], [ mˈɔː pɹɪkˈɔːʃəs], [ m_ˈɔː p_ɹ_ɪ_k_ˈɔː_ʃ_ə_s]

When it comes to being careful, there are many words that can be used to describe someone who is more precautious. One such term is "cautious," which refers to someone who takes care to avoid risks or dangers. Another is "vigilant," which describes someone who is constantly on guard and alert to potential dangers. Additionally, the word "circumspect" can be used to describe someone who is careful and considered in their actions and decisions. Those who are overly cautious may be described as "timid" or "apprehensive," while those who are extra careful may be called "deliberate" or "methodical".

What are the hypernyms for More precautious?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for more precautious?

The antonym of "more precautious" is "less cautious." When you are less cautious, you are taking unnecessary risks without taking the proper safety measures, leading to potentially dangerous consequences. This can apply to various scenarios, such as driving recklessly, not wearing protective gear while performing a physical activity, or failing to follow safety protocols while handling hazardous materials. Being less cautious can lead to accidents, injuries, and in extreme cases, fatalities. Therefore, it is essential to remain vigilant and cautious at all times, especially in situations where safety is paramount. Always prioritize safety, and you will prevent many mishaps and discomforts.

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