What is another word for strategic?

Pronunciation: [stɹətˈiːd͡ʒɪk] (IPA)

The term "strategic" is often used to describe something that is important, necessary, or crucial to the success of a business or organization. Synonyms for strategic include pivotal, fundamental, crucial, essential, significant, vital, and necessary. Each of these words describes something that is critical to achieving one's goals or objectives. Another synonym for strategic could be calculated, as it suggests a thought-out approach to decision-making. Other possibilities include deliberate, purposeful, and systematic. In essence, any word that emphasizes the importance and careful planning of a particular action or decision could be a synonym for strategic.

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The word 'Strategic' essentially refers to the process of creating effective plans or procedures to achieve predetermined goals. In contrast, some antonyms for the word 'Strategic' might include impromptu, disorganized, unthinking, reactive, and unmethodical. These antonyms all refer to situations where there is little or no plan, improvisation is the norm, things are done in a haphazard or unplanned manner, and there's no clear sequence of steps to follow. While being spontaneous and unthinking may work in some environments, it is crucial to apply strategy in many scenarios to ensure success in achieving goals.

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Usage examples for Strategic

Bazaine was apparently without intelligent strategic plans.
"A History of the Third French Republic"
C. H. C. Wright
They only saw strategic positions, avenues of approach and tactical advantages.
"For Every Man A Reason"
Patrick Wilkins
In the early days of this year they made a strategic retreat, under the guidance of Hindenburg, with the one object of escaping from our intense artillery-fire, but their methods of defence have been entirely changed by holding the front lines lightly by weak troops and scattered machine-gun emplacements, and concentrating their best troops behind for counter-attacks, in order to save man-power and lessen the tide of casualties.
"From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917"
Philip Gibbs

Famous quotes with Strategic

  • Our strategic dialogue with China can both protect American interests and uphold our principles, provided we are honest about our differences on human rights and other issues and provided we use a mix of targeted incentives and sanctions to narrow these differences.
    Madeleine Albright
  • And in the last sentence I would like also to mention that Poland is one of the countries with which the United States has run strategic dialogues since last year.
    Marek Belka
  • No matter who becomes chancellor, Poland and Germany will remain neighbours, strategic partners, not only within the European Union, but also world partners, and I don't believe anything could change in our relations.
    Marek Belka
  • The U.S. is looking to India as more then just a marketplace for our defense products, but as a technology, aerospace and strategic partner for our future endeavors.
    Christopher Bond
  • We are aware of the strategic location of Kuwait, besides the stable region.
    Emma Bonino

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