What is another word for prudent?

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Prudent is a word that is commonly used to describe people who are cautious, careful, and sensible. However, there are many other words that can be used as synonyms for prudent. Some of these words include cautious, circumspect, judicious, thoughtful, discreet, careful, responsible, wise, and sensible. All of these words imply a sense of wisdom and careful consideration. When describing someone as prudent, it is important to choose the right synonym to convey the exact meaning intended. By selecting the most appropriate synonym, you can ensure that your message is clear and accurate, and that you are conveying exactly what you mean to say.

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How to use "Prudent" in context?

Most people think of prudence as a virtue, or at least a good habit to develop. In fact, prudence is defined as the ability to think about the consequences of one's actions and make wise decisions based on that information. Prudence is essential both in personal life and in business.

When it comes to making decisions in personal life, prudence dictates that we assess all the risks and benefits of any potential course of action before taking it. This includes weighing the potential long-term consequences of any decision, as well as the immediate consequences.

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