What is another word for discriminating?

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Discriminating is a word that refers to the ability to discern or differentiate between different options, ideas, or qualities. There are many synonyms for discriminating, including discerning, perceptive, astute, insightful, wise, shrewd, judicious, and discerning. These words all imply a sense of intelligence and perception that allows one to notice the finer points and distinctions between things. Other synonyms for discriminating include selective, meticulous, fastidious, and particular. These words emphasize the idea of being highly choosy and careful when making decisions or selecting among different options or possibilities. Overall, these synonyms for discriminating all point to a high level of discernment and selective judgment.

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Discrimination is when a person or company treats someone differently because of the color of their skin, their religion, their national origin, or their gender. It is against the law to discriminate in many places, including in the job market, in education, and in housing. Discrimination can have a negative impact on people's lives, making it difficult to find work, get an education, or live in a safe and affordable home.

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