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Intelligent is a word used to describe someone who is smart, clever, and quick-witted. Synonyms for intelligent include bright, savvy, sharp, ingenious, knowledgeable, intellectual, astute, and perceptive. The word bright refers to someone who is quick to understand things, while savvy applies to someone who understands practical issues. Sharp refers to someone with a keen mind and perception, while ingenious indicates a person with exceptional creativity. Intellectual applies to someone who is well-read and thoughtful, while astute refers to someone with a shrewd and insightful mind. Finally, perceptive applies to someone who is attuned to and capable of understanding subtle nuances and details.

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How to use "Intelligent" in context?

Since modern technology has become pervasive, people often use the word "intelligent" to describe things that are capable of performing complex tasks. But what does the word really mean? Merriam-Webster defines intelligence as "the power of understanding and able to develop plans and carry them out." This definition is broad enough to encompass a variety of abilities and qualities, but it is also descriptive enough to provide a good starting point for our discussion.

IQ is often cited as the measure of intelligence and is thought to be the most accurate indicator of intelligence.

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