What is another word for idiotic?

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There are many synonyms for the word "idiotic" that can be used to describe something that is foolish or senseless. Some common synonyms include foolish, ridiculous, absurd, silly, stupid, nonsensical, moronic, imbecilic, senseless, and asinine. Depending on the context of the word and the tone of the message, different synonyms may be more appropriate. For example, if trying to convey a sense of humor, using a word like "silly" may be more effective than a harsher word like "stupid." It's important to choose the right synonym for the situation to ensure that the message comes across as intended.

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How to use "Idiotic" in context?

There are many things in life that can be considered idiotic, but some of the most common are behaviors that people engage in that are completely unnecessary or dangerous. Other examples can include things that seem like they would be fun, but wind up being quite frustrating. At its core, idiocy is simply the act of doing something that is not rational, nor effective in achieving a desired outcome. When it comes to idiocy, there is no shortage of examples.

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