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Pronunciation: [nˌavɪɡˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Navigation is a term that refers to the process of finding your way through a particular area, typically with the help of a map or other guide. However, there are several synonyms for navigation that can be used to describe this process in different ways. Some of the most common synonyms for navigation include guidance, direction, orientation, exploration, and traversal. Each of these terms can be used to describe a different aspect of the navigation process, from following a set path to exploring new terrain, and can help to convey a sense of purpose and direction in both personal and professional settings. So whether you're navigating a new city or exploring a new career path, there are many ways to describe the process of finding your way.

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Usage examples for Navigation

6. As white buoys have no especial significance, they are frequently used for special purposes not connected with navigation.
"Lectures in Navigation"
Ernest Gallaudet Draper
The instrument, therefore, that measures these angles is the most important of any used in navigation and you must become thoroughly familiar with it.
"Lectures in Navigation"
Ernest Gallaudet Draper
Now with these facts in mind, let us explain in simple words the meaning of some of the terms you will have to become acquainted with in Celestial navigation.
"Lectures in Navigation"
Ernest Gallaudet Draper

Famous quotes with Navigation

  • Our old site did not have very good support for the disabled, but our new site should soon have much better support. With all of our content in divs now, we can hide all but the relevant chunks of content and navigation with a simple alternate CSS file.
    Mike Davidson
  • We have always been taught that navigation is the result of civilization, but modern archeology has demonstrated very clearly that this is not so.
    Thor Heyerdahl
  • In the underlying bill, I think the authors of the legislation, those in support of it, understand the use of the Mississippi River. Yes, there is commercial navigation on it, and there will be tomorrow.
    Ron Kind
  • History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are.
    David C. McCullough
  • The bottom line is, winter navigation on the Seaway is a bad idea.
    John M. McHugh

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