What is another word for Navigated?

Pronunciation: [nˈavɪɡˌe͡ɪtɪd] (IPA)

Navigated is a word that is commonly used in reference to finding one's way, whether it be through physical territories or navigating through complex systems or processes. Synonyms for navigated include traversed, steered, guided, directed, charted, scrutinized, monitored, piloted, and sailed. These words are indicative of the various ways one might navigate through a situation, from physically steering a boat through a winding channel to analyzing a complex dataset and charting a course forward. Each synonym for navigated brings with it a unique connotation and sense of purpose, highlighting the importance of precision and intentionality in successfully navigating through a given task or challenge.

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What are the hypernyms for Navigated?

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Usage examples for Navigated

Only a few men have Navigated that and escaped alive, but you will be compelled to traverse it to reach the coast.
"The Boy Aviators in Africa"
Captain Wilbur Lawton
Few men have ever Navigated the Tunnel of Death and came out to tell the tale, but your great white Fetish must have looked after them.
"The Boy Aviators in Africa"
Captain Wilbur Lawton
Johnny looked as dignified as if he had Navigated ships across the Atlantic Ocean over and over again; but then, alas!
"Dotty Dimple At Home"
Sophie May

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